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Contact Lens Disinfection

Tue. 19 June 2018: 14:00  - 15:30 
Invited Symposium 
Hall 8.0 
Room: Room 27 


In this symposium speakers will address the role of contact lens disinfection in maintaining the hygiene of contact lenses, and the issues that occur when the disinfection systems are not used appropriately. The session will cover how contact lens disinfecting systems are involved in the epidemiology of microbial keratitis, the role of the contact lens case in keratitis. New regulartory guidelines developed to reduce the risk involved in using these sysyems, and new disinfecting systems that improve antimicrobial efficacy and reduce the trasnfer of microbes onto contact lenses. The session will also examine new antimicrobial contact lenses are their role in improving the safety of contact lens wear

Learner Outcomes

1. Knowledge on the risks involved in non-compliance with contact lens disinfecting systems
2. Knowledge of new guidelines on the manufacture and use of contact lens disinfecting systems
3. Knowledge on new ways of improving the safety of contact lens wear. 


Contact Lens and Refraction


Contact Lenses and the Fungus Among US


Eduardo Alfonso, MD

New Disinfectants


Mark Willcox

Epidmiology and Contact Lens Disinfection


Fiona Stapleton

Antimicrobial Contact Lenses


Maria Mangoni

FDA and Contact Lens Disinfection


Malvina Eydelman, MD

Contact Lens Care & Compliance


Ralph Stone