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Off Label Therapy Adoption in Ophthalmology: Role, Rights and Responsibility of Eye Doctors (SOI)

Tue. 19 June 2018: 08:30  - 10:00 
Invited Symposium 
Hall 8.0 
Room: Room 23 


The session is dedicated to the use of Off label Therapy in Ophthalmology. The different roles, advantages and possible weak points, if compared with on label therapy, will be demonstrated and discussed. To date, in many Countries, the Eye Doctors rights to adopt off label therapy to support ophthalmological patients is controversial from the point of view of the drugs regulatory organizations. In this symposium the attendees will have the opportunity to deeply improve their knowledge on off label therapy use and on how to adopt it in the safer and more effective way to support at best ophthalmic patients needs.

Learner Outcomes

1. To learn Off label Therapy Adoption in Ophthalmology
2. To learn about Responsibility of Eye Doctors in Adopting Off label Therapy
3. To learn Patients Advantages in using Off label Therapy 
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Ophthalmic Pharmacology




Italian Society of Ophthalmology


7494 - Off Label Therapy: Its Legal Status and Role in Medicine


Andrzej Grzybowski, MBA, PhD

7495 - Off Label Therapy Adoption in Ophthalmology: The Strange Avastin Case


Matteo Piovella, MD

7496 - Off Label Therapy in Cataract and Refractive Surgery


Steve Arshinoff, FRCS, MD

7497 - Off Label Therapy in Retina Treatment


Mario Romano

7498 - Off Label Therapy in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Breaf description of off label therapy during pediatric age in ophthalmology 


Michela Fresina, MNAMS

7499 - Off Label Therapy in Neuro-Ophthalmology


Stefania Bianchi Marzoli

7500 - Off Label Therapy in Glaucoma

The presenter will discuss different aspects regarding off label medical therapies in glaucoma. A particular emphasis will be given to the use of antimetabolites during and after glaucoma surgical procedures. The results of a RCT on safety and efficacy of off label hypotensive ocular therapy for congenital glaucoma will be reported.  


Luciano Quaranta