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Artificial Vision

Mon. 18 June 2018: 14:00  - 15:30 
Invited Symposium 
Hall 8.0 
Room: Room 23 


Assess the principle possibilities and the present applicable systems to gain artificial vision in blind patients by electrical stimulation of the optical pathway by 5 international research groups.

Learner Outcomes

1. To understand the different approaches, their ways to produce minimal sight and their present possible application in patients with different causes of blindness.
2. One can see that despite some running experimental studies only two systems have reached so far some kind of clinical applicability: retinal stimulation by Argus II from Second Sight and Implant AMS from Retina Implant.
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7059 - Surgery of the Subretinal Implant Alpha AMS and Related Problems


Helmut Sachs, PhD

7060 - The New Electronic Subretinal Implant Alpha AMS: Safety and Efficacy


Florian Gekeler
Helmut Sachs, PhD

7062 - Toward a Wide-field Artificial Vision Using STS-type Retinal Prostheis


Takashi Fujikado, MD, PhD

7063 - Patient Outcomes in Vision Prosthesis Trials: Update on the HOVER International Taskforce


Lauren Ayton, OD, PhD

7064 - Preclinical Validation in Non-human Primate for photovoltaic Implants and Optogenetic Therapy


Serge Picaud

7065 - What We Can Learn from Optic Nerve Recordings when Developing a Visual Prosthesis


Marten Brelen, FRCOphth, PhD

7066 - Towards a Cortical Visual Neuroprosthesis for the Blind


Eduardo Fernandez, MD